Today my kids and hubby went all out, it was a nice morining,

I had made a card for my mom from all of us, my little almost 4 yr old gave it to her first thing.

Couple hours later she had no idea about getting a card...:).

She is a bit agitated as she doesn't understand exactly what is going on, but thinks she should.

Were planning on going out for brunch, but it started snowing of all things, so maybe not...LOL.

Hope you all are having a great day!

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happy mothers day to all of you. my mother has been gone for 9 months and im constantly appreciating what a stabilizing factor she was in our home. completely behind my dads back she read us humorous books ( cusswords and all ) by the likes of donald westlake. she was our pathway to the world that dad tried to shelter us from. she had a high intellect and common sense to back it up.
thanks mom..

Happy Mother's. Day! We are having brunch on the AL side of mom's community. She was with us all yesterday afternoon for my daughter's baby shower. She did good but did ask to go home often. She doesn't know who my daughter is anymore. That causes me to get a little emotional but it is the pathway of this disease.

Enjoy your sweet children and husband Shannon. Hugs to you.

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