I cant remember who found iut impossible to wash their mums hair so my apologies on this up front but if you google micriwavable hair wash you will see that Walgreens have a no rinse shampoo cap.
Now I didnt know they existed but they used one on mum today at the hospital and I think its a brilliant idea. You warm it in the mocrowave put it on like a shower cap leave it for a few minues then massage it in and take the cap off and voila clean hair

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he - ey ju - ude ,
dont be a sa - ap .
ya cant wash your hair wi - th , a plastic ca - ap .
walgreen is crooked , something , something pox.
na na na NA , something ,
an eskimo an ice bo - ox ..

man my songwriting is rusty . meh . the ambien will kick in in a few minutes and ill go insult people in my dreams .

jud-ee , jud - ee, jud - eee

Nice conditioning effect, too. I'd worried they'd leave things a bit sticky or over scented, but actually they work really well. Can't quite shake the feeling that you need proper shampoo and water to get the scalp thoroughly clean, but the caps are at least an excellent stopgap.

Jude, that is good to know for future use :)

One never knows when there comes a time when we ourselves cannot get into the shower for whatever reason and trying to use the kitchen sink isn't an option.

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