Hair, skin and beauty for caregivers.


A thread where we can come and share what works and what does not work in the realm of beauty, cosmetic and skin products.
We, caregivers, need to take time out and care for our appearance.
It boosts morale, self esteem and keeps us looking "put together", though we may not feel so much put together on the inside.
Share your beauty, hair, and skin secrets with us. We need all the help we can get, right?
With love for all,

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No, no mascara. Back when I wore makeup, I would go to the Clinique stand and they said I had man lashes so I have never needed mascara plus its uncomfortable.

One time I did go to this place and had my face zapped to get rid of freckles but that kinda hurt and I didn't go back.

Wow, long thick eyelashes, Tacy, I'm jealous.................

Mine are short (were black, now mostly white), and hard to grow.............

Oh well............. : ) I do hope you are doing mascara, huh? eh? eh? me oyes?

M 8 8

My friend talked me into eyelashes one time but I already have long thick lashes. It was horrible, I felt like I had pink eye or something. I rubbed at them constantly so they only lasted a day.

So do you have lymphedema on your right leg, and boils happen in the upper thigh? Do you know how to do the self lymphedema massage? I learned while working at a hospital.........who knew!?!?!!?
Do you ever consider not shaving armpits, like in MANY countries, they don't! And it would lessen the frequency, almost sure of it.

The single lashes do look gorgeous! But hearing what you have to say, forget it! If it is going to rip the ones I have, uh uh no! The false eyelashes are so SO popular right now, I think more than in the 60's... It's only a guess. But yeah, they do look nice.

Let me know if you have any comments, questions, complaints, hahaha.............and have a great day!

M 8 8

I did one by one eye lashes at salon about 9 years ago. Felt lovely. Looked lovely. Had less lashes by thevtime they came out. Have not and probably wont ever do it again. I have been thinking of the full lashes that you can puton and off daily for next glamourous splurge. May be there is a good safe way to use the individuals and remove them. Was nice though

Mulata thank you. I will check at rite aide. So yes i only use one deodorant. First time i got was when i used a nan spray deodorant. And yes it occurs with stress. I did get script 4 antibiotic was told im predisposed to get boils and use bacitration under arms and when shaving. They only on rightsife where i also have lymphydema to r leg from cheerleading incident in hs. The info you shared is very helpful. And yes there is light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks amundo!

The armpit is one of the "impurity drains of the body". Lymph collects impurities and body gets rid of these thru the kidneys, processed by liver and thru perspiration.
Those boils you mention, DDD, are very painful, aren't they? Lymph also collects in the groin area. And certain people get boils there.
So, it is like the sewer system plugging up.
The sweat gland in the armpit gets clogged... begins to get infected, turns into a boil, ... some go ingrown... some do form a head and come out.
I have found that Tea Tree Oil is an excellent antiseptic.
Have you changed deodorant?
Have you had these boils only when you are under tremendous stress?
Have you notice certain "cycle" to these boils?

I personally (and I am no medical expert), would apply tea tree oil to the boil. They make a soap, called CASTILLIAN SOAP, sold at Rite Aid, Health Food Stores, eBay...........and there is one version of the soap that contains Tea Tree Oil in the right amount, among other natural things. It comes super concentrated so you would need to dilute. It comes with a pump dispenser. I fill up an 8oz bottle with open tip cap... not quite full to the top, a bit less, and deliver 5 pumps of the castillian soap in there.

It is excellent for cleansing the entire body. HOWEVER, if used as shampoo, and I am saving you tons of reading, it DOES strip the hair color. If that is not your issue, bathing with this solution keeps you clean, dandruff free, yeast infection free, body odor free, eczema free, and psoriasis free as well. Excellent foot soak, attacks fungus / fungi of all kinds........

READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Once you try it, you will love it.

There are other versions, like "ROSE", and "LAVENDER", I believe.

Depends on what you want it to do.

Apply straight tea tree oil to the entire armpit. If you can find a deodorant that has TTO as base, get that.

I understand what it is to be without insurance, or insufficiently insured...........what a raw deal.

Do you juice? Would you be interested in some juicing recipes to cleanse the lymph in the body? If you are, I will look up.

There is light at the end of our tunnel, caregivers!!! Yes there is! M 8 8

This forum is so helpful. I am encouraged to reach out for solutions for recurrent boils to arm pit. I get these repeatedly. No insurance.. I take a lot of vit c which helps and garlic for other reasons. I use the hot compresses when it flares up but any rememdies to get rid of them for good?

Rainmom thanks for the information. I did check it out it makes sense. I will run it by her and see what happens. She is stubborn and its hard for me to keep my patience with the sarcastic nasty routine. The lead was very helpful.

Oh goodness on Wen!!!
It was to me, the greatest thing ever. But pricey.

So, I've been using Paul Mitchell Tea Tree oil conditioner AS A SHAMPOO, and it's been so good!

It doesn't strip the color out.

It controls and balances the pH in the scalp

No itching

Fully moisturizing to hair and scalp

Smells fresh and clean

●●● KUKUI OIL, good for all over the body. Speaking of dry skin/heels, have you tried an overnight treatment, putting the little white socks on at bedtime?
One thing that you can try is plain vaseline, add a couple of drops of essential oil to it, like lemon, or verbena.... hmmm, lavender! Apply generously to entire foot, nails, cuticles, soles. Put the beauty socks (they barely reach up to your ankle, and they are lightweight).
Mary Kay has a great night face cream that will NOT CAUSE BREAKOUTS, and it is non comedogenic.
Dry face, or dry patches on face are softened. Smells great.

Mom uses only RoC creams.
She's 91. Looks 71. Not kidding.


I don't do high heels either (used to).

I am glad that you are posting on this thread.

Hey, anyone can tell me about a good lip stain? Long lasting MATTE finish for lips?


Anyone ever tried one by one false eyelashes at the salon?

♡♡♡M 8 8♡♡♡

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