Mom has been displaying some hallucinations. Prob a UTI again. Doc put her in hospital overnight. Everything else checked out.
We have planned a respite for several months. Took her to very lovely place. The first night I guess she freaked out. They called doc and he ordered a single shot of Haldol. She has been very good since then. But she doesn't even ask about me. When I was there she knew me but no emotion.
Just getting ready to leave and I am sick about it. I don't want to go. Everyone is telling me to let her live there (I've had many health issues from burnout) but I miss her so much. I go and sit in her room.
She may never come home and I feel like I'm to blame. It may not make sense, but I feel I have failed so badly, I wish I could lay down and die. We were so close. Never wanted her in a facility.
Will this wear off? I know Haldol helps some but also read it is a liquid lobotomy for some. My stomach is in knots and I feel like an awful daughter.

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I know nothig about Haldol! I do know about burnout and the number one thing is for you take care of yourself and get healthy again. You have not failed in any way except in taking care of yourself.

You have done a great job in taking care of your Mom and could never be thought of as an awful daughter.

Good luck and God bless!

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