Of what I see, an feel, depression and loneliness and tiredness is our main attackers,as a single man and carer of my two elderly parents, believe me I know just how hard this fight can be at times. I love this site because at each keyboard around the world there is a great person who has chosen to fight these attackers because of the love they have, for the people that have been such a big part of their life.God Bless each and every single one of them. And I am proud to be a member of this group. it has been some time that I had not posted anything. I have been growing in so many ways over these years. One of the main things I have been growing in is that depression is always knocking at my door, at times I just don't open it,BUT at times I have found the need to press my shoulder as hard as I can muster, so as for it not to slam open the door and crash it's way in uninvited. Without noticing with each year I have been growing stronger and smarter, But let me tell all you great people out there in the world, there has been times, I have cried so hard my body hurt, and I have held on to hope by my blooded finger nails but thank God I never have let go. so I just wanted to say, hang in there, an don't let go. You will find like I have that you will grow stronger and smarter because of the effete. So yes I believe that unless we choice to fight we can have no peace.
I read some were a great saying.
God Bless

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Thank you! an right on Cricketinafp you sure do have a handle on things, we do need to stop beating our selves up. the world will do that enough, we don't need to help it.
God Bless you,


Nice post.

I think the whole purpose of Caregiving for us on a personal level is to teach us. As long as we keep our hearts and minds teachable then we will grow, fight the depressive episodes and work at preventing them by expressing our feelings regardless of what they are. We need to cut ourselves some slack and be kind and understanding to ourselves and not neglect our self care. It is a challenge but if this wasn't our path for growth something else would be so why not do the best we can and give ourselves the acceptance, love and understanding we deserve.

There are times when we all get to the end of our rope and there's nothing left to do but break down and cry... but hey if that's what we need to do then we are on target. Crying, going out for a walk, praying, hitting pillows, anything like these things gives us the physical release we need so go for it, it's really okay. Moving out emotions, letting them flow is natural and once we allow this they move on.

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Chirp Chirp Cricket Hugsღ

but please be careful if you try that, you do not have health problem that may be effected

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