I lost contact from family over fifteen years or so. My brother Clarence,is a user,lier and js greedy bastard, having a horrific drug habit so bad that the drug dealers kick my mother front door in. As I was told from my baby brother Steve unfortunately stead in prison most of his young years. The last year of my mother's live he was her only support. She was looking for me, as I was looking for her. Nobody had no information of her whereabouts Clarence swindle my mother out of her home. Still looking for me, never mention to get a private detective to find me and my family. But they really didn't what to fine me. I didn't have any information about my mother or my baby brother, Clarence told me Steven was killed . That was a lie, Clarence told me this when he called one year. He was in rehabilitation settings. He's been in rehab over thirty time with in the time I left California. The way I found out about my mother death was a letter from retirement teacher benefits . I know that my name is on other policies. Fraud was in play, Clarence have someone sign my name . They was getting check's left and right. There was no will , so money's from policies was to be spilled . I didn't know anything names of life insurance policies. I'm so lost. After all this Clarence encounter cancer in his face (karma) so he was hospitalized over a year. I just need help !! I'm lost don't have money for lawyer .

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I'm sorry for the loss of your mother and know this is a painful time for you. Your brother sounds like quite a mess. At this point, I think you need to find someone who can help you get your life back together for from what you've written, it sounds like the money is gone.

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