Gray Rocking has been mentioned here lots of times. I have used this on my 87 year old mother who is a class A Alpha++ narcissists. I did some searching and found this video on You Tube. If you watch it I think you will get a better understanding. The series he does is also very good.

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See what I did there? I crack myself up sometimes... 😂

(Yes I am a nerd, witty or crazy depending on your view)

Tribe, I had heard of 'light grey rock' but your "medium chill" is much better! Yes, installing to my memory now for future practice.

It's a communication method.

There is also "medium chill" which seems a little easier to pull off IMO. Medium chill is 1) Don't share personal info and 2) Refuse to get sucked into drama. Keep conversations to the mundane. All these techniques require great self control, like speaking in an even and calm tone of voice; not sighing or becoming defensive. It's really hard to do when someone is actively pushing your buttons.

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