This has been terrible!!!We met with a lawyer and he told us we would have hardship because there is nothing we can gift back, the bank owns the property. We had a meeting with the Medicaid specialist at the nursing home he told us our lawyer is wrong and a terrible lawyer. They want us to put my grandmother on the deed, and then medicaid can't put a lein on the house. My grandmother's life expectancy is 4-6months, the property assesment at the time of transfer was 40,000-45,000. My fiance does not want to put her on the deed, and does the bank allow this? I'm so lost, bullied, tired and sad. What do I do? I just want this all to stop, so I can morn her death.

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Keep in mind that the "Medicaid" specialist at the home has no affiliation whatsoever with the Medicaid program. Some financial administrators in nursing homes are quite knowledgeable but others are definitely not. I'd say ignore that guy. He claims that "Medicaid can't put a lien on the house" but if he is wrong and they do, he is out nothing. Talk is cheap.

My understanding is that if GM is on the deed, Medicaid will have a claim against it after she dies.

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