Our family used to be quite conservative due to the scarce amount of family income. Now, even if we earn more together, the attitude of ladies in the house has turned more than "just conservative." My grandma just had a knee replacement surgery(both knees). She likes to stay out of house due to some religious groups that she's in. Now everyday she either has headaches or muscle aches or body aches or mild/high fever. But she prefers taking medicine from local chemist or the free hospitals whose doctors tend to 100s of patients a day. I cant persuade her to go to a better doc. No-one in the family can due to her stubborn nature. She'll do as she likes!! I care for her. Please help!!!!!!

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Unless she is suffering from dementia, she'll likely do as she wishes. Sometimes it's hard to change those ingrained attitudes. She grew up where women didn't take care of themselves (especially if it meant spending money).
Could you find an doctor of alternative medicine in your community? Many are M.D.s but they practice an approach that combines alternative medicine with traditional U.S. medicine. It may take some research on your part, but if you live in an area of any size, likely there is a holistic doctor around. I'd pick up a brochure that stresses the holistic approach and see if you can get her to that doctor. She may be willing to pay for this. Good luck,

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