Well as things were looking up for once in a while my dad who I don't have a relationship with is back again. He's back calling me and telling me he has every right to see his mother and again she doesn't want to be bothered with him. He refuses to respect that and will call me over and over and over and over again telling me I must tell him or he will take me to court. I've told him many times she is still upset with him for calling her out of her name. He continues to call and again this is the second time he changed numbers to harass me again. Now he claims that my memories were programed by her and that the man who raised me isn't my dad and never will be and he had molested me. Which is a very powerful and hurtful thing to say even though that man has passed away. He even tells me I'm not an adult but a child and that I will never be an adult to him because I'm stupid because of his mother. My dad claims that his mother set him up about these "false" evidence of him not being able to see me when he has. He even lived in the guest house for many years and even went so far to convince his ex girlfriend that the very lady who is his mother hates him and set him up. When he refused to see me or even spend time with me. We had a very rocky relationship when I was younger, as I can recall he called me cold blooded when I was about 5 or 6 when I asked him to move over in the kiddie pool. He was so angry and told me that and got out and stormed into the guest house he was living in. My dad is very manipulating and very mean. I hate getting into arguments with him because he starts to yell at me and curses me out. So now he's planning on taking me to court over his mother and he wants to be her poa and her sole caregiver and guardian. But to me it won't hold in court since she was of fair mind when she appointed me and even to this day tells people she dislikes him for the fact he never did anything for me let alone be a good son to her. But is there anything I can do to keep him away. He has a history of violating court orders and restraining orders to the point he will physically attack whoever made it. Both his ex girlfriends and ex friends of his who no longer talk to him. He has been barred from many bars and a few stores and even harassed an owner of a convenience store after the man told him to get out. So here I am venting again, Some what of a good update is that I'm close to getting a great job and the moving process of grandma whenever we can find more better places. Thanks to everyone who has supported me here through this very trying time of my life.

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It sure sounds like he will come across as very crazy and very unfit if he ever gets you to court and tries anything, and you certainly do have the documentation on your side. Wish it was easier...

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