Grandma had blood in urine??? Wrong.She actually fell and cut her head.I took her to E.R. they admitted her for 1 day and sent her home.She said she had a pain in her hip on Monday,and started walking very slow.She doesn't feel pain at all.Or complain about pain.So we went to urgent care and took exrays,but couldn't find anything . She's Getting worse,so took her to family doctor,but didn't get anything but take 2 Tylenol for pain till she reads results of exrays.Grandma has bad time using walker,and started refuses to keep her nightlight plugged in her room at night. We think she could have cracked a hip,or bruised her hip,but she doesn't want to do what her doctor wants her to do.Help!!! By the way thanks for all your help earlier with the blood in her urine scare.I wish that was all it was.Now I have to start really thinking seriously about in home health aid or nursing homes.Trouble is I made her a promise to keep her in her home as long as possible.Its been hard because she's a hoarder and won't get rid of anything.I am the same way.Man,I really didn't know what I was getting myself into when I became her caregiver.I am starting to drown here and I don't even know how to swim.I am glad to find this site maybe someone can point out some ways to cope with the hard days that are comming??? Thank You All For Your help and great advice.

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Nightlight: We had a power failure, and had only flashlights, powerful ones with bright LED lighting. Looking out our window, my neighbor had a nice glow in her livingroom and her windows open. The light allowed her to see, but was not as irritating as that nightlight plugged into the socket that shines in your eyes all night. We bought the same thing at the dollar store, a small basketball size paper lantern. Add a battery. Lasts a long time, if you remember to turn it off each morning. It is fun to have them (we got carried away) hanging up in various places. Alternately, we use rope lights or a string of darker legts for ambiance.
Why, you say, is she telling me this? The night lights are only one of the minor problems. Because, that is how you are going to cope, one sovable problem at a time. With some medical advice, a little help from your friends here, and a don't panic attitude, you will be able to make the decision about grandma's care, whether it is you that learns to do it, or you get her professional help. Now, after you read this, take three deep breaths. Then tell us more about your grandma and your living situation. If you got through reading this, you are not as panicked or anxious as you sound. We are here, write back. Tell us what kind of twinkle lights you are putting up.

Your key words? "As long as possible". You are overwhemed and justifiably so. It sounds like it is time to me. Many times placements happen simply because the care necessary becomes more than a family member can provide at home.

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