Got my grandmother back!

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Hey! My grandmother had a severe stroke 6 month before. As a result, her right side was completely paralyzed. It was very saddening for us. We had almost lost hope. Never thought we could get her back. Finally, on my friends suggestion we had taken her to a rehabilitation center. After 3 months we could see her show signs of recovery. We got her back home and then we got a private care taker from the c-care health services at Toronto. The lady who had come to take care of grandmother was a very sweet lady, she gave a good mental support to grandma and a great care. We got our grandmother back, though not fully recovered I can see a great change from what she was 6 month before. Feeling great!

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Big thumbs up and big hugs, alice! It is so nice to read good news. Your grandmother is quite the lady. I know it was a lot of hard work for her.

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