There are three caregivers taking care of her, (24 hour care) but she is rude to them and tells them that she is, "THE BOSS!" she is rude, she yells, My Dad was always the Boss and I think when he passed she became HIM! She is talking negative constantly. I am in a different state and am trying to run things from here. I am only a two hour plane trip away so in an emergency I could fly down there to see her. I am not sure if part of this problem is the agency, we are paying them 7,500 a month, Two of the first caregivers don't really want to work with her anymore and one sort of got let go/quit.

She told her caregiver tonight that she doesn't care what the coordinator says, she is the BOSS and they will do as she says., she'll just fire them all and hire someone from the street.

She has MS and has to be lifted, she can only use one arm now. She still is sharp in the mind but is dilusional at times.

They are coming to meet with her Monday, I think if she doesn't straighten up and follow the rules they are going to drop her.

My only option is another agency, I will try one more but after that whe will have ot go back into assisted living, where she stayed for a month.

She is being such a pain in the ass. My son is 19 he will be flying down this week to stay with her for the summer, I hope this helps, he was close to her when he was little and wants to go down there to be with her...

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Thank you! I have flown down to see her twice in two months. I went to the doctors and am working with them.
Thank you very much!

I think you have a pretty good grip on the situation. If she can't get good care for $7,500.00 per month at home, then definitely try another agency. Maybe your son can help with the transition. Certainly he can give you a on the spot review of the situation.

I don't know when you last saw your mom, but you might want talk to her doctor and see if you can set up a meeting with a geriatric doc who specializes in dementia. That may also be part of the problem. Drugs can be helpful, but she would need to be monitored day and night to see if they affect her adversely.

If she ends up being her own worst enemy when it comes to living at home, then assisted living is the next best. Could she move to one closer to where you live? See how things go and good luck. Cattails

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