My cousin has been care taking my aunt for many years now. My aunt is 95 and a beautiful soul. Of course she needs some care but for the most part is still functional in her wheel chair. My cousin has had health issues herself. She is 69 and had hip replacement surgery and knee replacement surgery and found her caretaking was becoming very difficult for her. And like all caretakers was suffering with some bad burnout. Her relationship with her man friend of a long time fell apart over the years because he was ready to travel and see things before he was unable to do it and she could not get out of the house to share life with him. Sad but understandable. At 95 my beautiful aunt was able to recognize what was happening to her daughters life and she (my aunt) made the decision to not do this to my cousin. So they started looking for a private home my aunt could go to. It was as though God was guiding the both of them. They found a beautiful home run by a RN who specializes in geriatric medicine. The woman is Romanian which my family is. My aunt has a physician who comes in once a month to check on residents, any lab work needed is done at the house via the nurse. This wonderful nurse does urinalysis on a monthly basis to check for any urinary problems her residents may unknowingly have. They have wonderful homemade meals, outings for the ones that can do it, great caretakers. An it is not as expensive as one would think. When my cousin totaled up what the expense was taking care of my aunt when she was home and the expense of this residential care it came up the same. My aunt now looks 10 years younger, smiling, socializing with her new friends, gets to see her dogs (2) little ones she adores on a daily basis and her health? IMPROVING! we are all thrilled. So all the stories one may here about the terrible things that can happen to their loved ones is not true. There are wonderful people out there who care for the elderly. My aunt found just that.

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So true. It tool them a long time to look and find a place. Exhausting for the 2 of them. I am a retired RN so tried to be of some help with suggestions etc. I think it is very important to try and match up, if you will, interests, age of course (although there will be a problem with some of our real old folks!) but somewhat in the same generation or close to it. And of course BACKGROUND CHECKS!

What a blessing for your family. I agree - there are wonderful and loving caregivers out there - but, sadly, not all caregivers can described as such. True.

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