I didn't think she had a chance. I had convinced her to pay until Friday because that’s when her antibiotics were supposed to be done and it was supposed to take two weeks so I am really grateful. Anyway we went to see her she is in another state and the nurse said she has six weeks of antibiotics left. Of course the doctor said she was supposed to be getting her antibiotics twice a day and here the nursing home was giving antibiotics every other day. Last Friday that was discovered anyway since she was discharging Friday they need to do a home assessment so that was set for Thursday. This is before we found out about her appeal. Her house is a complete disaster she is a hoarder but that’s not the issue. You can’t put water down her kitchen sink and if you do it comes up in her bathtub her bathtub is full of rust and this water coming up is full of bacteria and who knows what and if you flush the toilet it leaks downstairs plus the bathroom sink also leaks and a walker will not fit to get to the toilet. Sure we can get a commode but who is going to empty it if I am not there. My brother has made it very clear she is going to be all alone. He literally lives thirty seconds away but as you can see from my other questions he is pissed off at her because of my daddy’s will. Things were going to good he has blocked her phone number and I am burnt out. I basically have been there since the summer of 2015. I miss my husband so much back to my question besides the bathroom we were trying to set up her bedroom and we have discovered mold on one of the walls. We were going to move one of the dressers but we moved it back. Can they decide that she can’t live there and if so what happens? Thank you all for listening to me I just feel like I am going to break I feel so alone and everything is on me and hurts me so much to see the way my brother treats her I know there is a lot of damage and both of them have different takes on things. I don’t know what to believe anymore my brother has lied to me too. I just want to tell you something else when my daddy was dying my brother and I were okay. I have always wanted him in my life and I get my hopes up and then he is gone. My niece has attacked me saying I abandoned them. anyway a couple months later right before my daddy died he called me and said that I have been gone 30 years and all I do is come down here and cause trouble that I showed my niece pictures of him and this woman he was involved with. that was years ago and I didn’t even have a cell phone so he yelled at me for thirty minutes. I couldn’t say a word but then when my daddy coded I was alone except my mom and he hugs me and said I am a part of the family. and then my sister in law went off on me telling me to stay away from her and her children all I did was take my daddy to radiation and physical therapy and go to aa meetings. I went directly to college after I graduated and met my husband and we started our lives was I supposed to be 40 years old living with my parents and then I found out they were doing shifts sitting with my daddy. I didn’t know that until he died and my brother said your not mad right and I was taking care of my 80 year old mom that’s what my daddy wanted so the day of the funeral he hugged me but when we got there he didn’t speak to me it was like my husband me and my mom and them everyone saw the tension he didn’t come down to see my mom for weeks I ended up back in treatment for anorexia and ptsd from my childhood he blocked my number and he only spoke to me when he was at my moms but prior to that he never spoke to me he said a lot of things and I really shouldn’t have just let it go because it keeps happening so I got out of treatment and I was down there and he pulled into the driveway and he said aren’t you going to give me a hug like nothing happened the next time I saw him he was with my niece and she asked me why I wouldn’t call the Home phone that was my only option I said calmly that your mom made it very clear to me that I was supposed to stay away from her and her children and then they started attacking my mom saying it’s not even her farm and she never worked a day in her life doesn’t raising children and walking fence and other things on the farm just like what their mom does I am so sorry to be so wordy. I just need to get this out. I am sure my brother has blocked my phone number again. I don’t understand how he is taking out his anger over my daddy’s will on her the will doesn’t matter my mom has her own and by the way he is getting everything except my mom's house and 10 acres there are 267 acres. thank you all please be patient with me

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He is more mad at the fact my dad didn’t mention his wife and he had my husband in it and he had it split down the middle but it still doesn’t matter she has everything according to my daddy will and her will be in place when she passes I don’t have any children and if I passed first it went to my husband then my nieces and if my brother passed it went to his children he went crazy because he said he doesn’t know my husband and money changes people yeah look in the mirror and he said where has he been for 32 years working and building our lives if I hear one more time how I got to college and he didn’t it was his decision to farm not mine and we were always there for my parents

I know you have posted several times but is ur Mom ur brothers Mom?
Don't understand why he would be mad at Dad leaving Mom everything. That's usually how it is in spouse Wills. What's mine is yours visa versa.

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