India has been cracking down on scammer groups:

There have been other raids, as mentioned in the article.

This particular group of scammers apparently was the "fake legal" one, responsible for the threatening computer voice advising of all sorts of dire consequences b/c someone committed a nonexistent crime.

The group included fake representations of "government officials of US Customs and Border Protection Department, Drug Enforcement Agency, sheriff officer, FBI and treasury office,..."

I've received a number of those, with the same computer generated voice, mispronouncing various words, while threatening dire consequences for no complying with "instructions" which made no sense.

I'm glad these people will hopefully be taken out of the scam call scenario.

Thanks for a good job, India!

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July 1 a new law went into effect requiring the providers of our phone service to stop the robocalls and other scams. It may have helped a little.

It’s about time! Keep it up until all of them are out of commission.

Agree, it is about time. Hopefully, first of many.

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