In January of 2009, my mother and step-dad's real tax situation exploaded with a letter from the IRS that they failed to hide. I soon got durable P.O.A. from my mother and tried working with the family friend CPA on the 2004 tax return.

This semi-retired man was a realy pain. I fired him and got someone who worked for a living.

It's took me, my step-dad, his helper, my step-brother, and my step-sister months to get all of the data related to the other years together. Plus, I had to run heard on them too by seeting some deadlines in August as well as working through my step-sister to inspire my step-brother (ha, ha, :).

In July, another IRS letter came about the 2006 return. We first had to have the CPA do 2005 before we could do 2006 which is going into the mail in the morning.

The final countdown is anticipated to be one more accomplished by the end of February and the last one accomplished by the end of March which will have moved the rest of this entire mountain off of my back! I'll feel resurrected on that day! It will be time for the sparkling grape juice, great food and a party!!!!!!!

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That reminds me of the move Fiddler on the Roof. When the wife told her daughters that "men are the HEAD of the house, but women are the NECK. There is no turning the head without the NECK" This was a good example of that I guess. ha.

Yeah, it is awful and until I found my mother's will, I was concerned about dealing with these problems if she died before they were resolved or the will was found. After searching for 6 months, I found her will and learned that I'm the executor of her estate.

One side note that it is almost predictable that if I can't get a man into action by dealing with him directly, sometimes if I find an important female in their life who agrees with the action needing done, they can light a fire under them. This does not always work, but I guess I must be blessed in how often this approach has worked for me. Thus, my step-dad's female helper got him on the ball and my step-sister got my step-brother on the ball.

These taxes will be such a great burden to have off of my shoulders.

Good for you! This stuff is awful.

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