im taken care of both of my folks full time ( meaning 24/7) i have streched every penny out of dallor i have spent over the last 4 plus years !! but now when i need even more cash to care for them properley i look at my bank acount and there fixed income checks and i dont know what to do ? i have seen so many of those work at home jobs , i dont know if they r real or a scam ? i cant aford to get scamed by someone !!! im a honnest smart hard working person 1 im sure i can not be the only person that has arized at this point ?? im not asking for handouts im asking for a legitimit lead to work that i can perform at home so i can cantinue careing for my folks !!! at this point i really am feeling badly for not have the mouny to pay every thing !! it has bin in the 100s here now for nearly a weak and when i look at that little thing that goes around in the glass power meter i get a sick feeling in my gut , well in fact writeing and feeling like a failure is have the same afect , so please if some knows of a honnest way to make some kinda of income from home please let me in on it !! il be indebt to u for life thank u

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hi i know my spelling , well my intierer grammer skills r very bad ! i hope not to furastait any one who takes the time to read it and please dont take me asking for this type of help for my frist concern !! im not a greeded person as u may see my writeing skill r bad and my reading r even werse !!! the anser to my problem is probley right in front of me but i have over looked it ??? i get on here to read how to better help my mom ,,,,,, how to try and stop the feaar i see in her face how to give her breif monments of love and trust and continue to try and give her feels of werth no matter how small !! i know what stage my mom is in now ! i know she may not know me any more or may not know her own name or were home is!! but she is the only mom i have and i will trust her to strangers !!! i need a job in home !! sorry for the last monment problem thanks

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