Nothing new but I’m always surprised when xMIL starts hallucinating within an hour of being in hospital
(starting w ER). No drugs needed !
Started noticing ‘hospital dementia’ about 5 years ago even before she had dementia but the hallucinations are over the top of dementia. Today Dod is almost up to 48 hours without any rest much less sleep Constant talking and gestating - her arms have not had such a workout in years. Left her side at 3AM bc I just couldn’t take it anymore (went home for 4 hours sleep) came back early for the all-important-2 minute-doctor visit (hasn’t shown yet and I haven’t had coffee so I’m CrAnKy !). They gave her Haldol last night for sleep ? and it had no or worse effect
And why do some hospitals furnish ‘sitters’ and others don’t ? I’m not as young as I used to be so sleeping in a not so comfortable recliner doesn’t work.
And I know for a fact that if I wasn’t there Dod would have climbed out of bed 20 times (she’s fast! she can get over railings with alarms going and be on the floor 5 minutes before anyone shows up)
And this is a nice new hospital I’m tired

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A; I can't believe you are even allowed in the hospital at all right now and
B: She doesn't seem to care or know you're even there. This is your EX-MIL?
C: Most hospitals do not provide a place for family to sleep, they WANT you to clear out by 9 pm. YOU need sleep and your presence isn't helping MIL at all.

Where's her son?

And yes, it's up to the hospital to provide safe care for patients. Telling the staff that she is unsafe and a fall rick is THEIR responsibility.

I have been in your shoes! It is horrible. My parent had one of the worst cases of hospital psychosis that the hospitalist had ever seen.
Sleepless nights, body aches from trying to dwell in hard chairs, exhaustion approaching insanity-
Finally, I could take NO more. I walked up to the nurses desk, located the head nurse (wrote down her name with her watching) and said “Miss Head Nurse, I must leave, my mother in room 124 has hospital psychosis, is a fall risk, and needs to be put on an alarm. I will be back at xo’clock.” Then walk out. The hospital is pulling the wool over your eyes- they want YOU to stay and do their job. It is their responsibility to keep her safe. Make them do it.
God Bless you!

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