Glen Campell's docu "I'll Be Me" regarding his struggles with Alzheimer's.


CNN had the story on last night, very moving docudrama. Seeing a person that you have been familiar with all your life and now seeing him dealing with memory issues, was an eye opener. The story showed him being on tour during 2012 and how he was still able to preform for the audience but behind the scenes had issues with his memory. It was so sad to see how quickly he had advanced a year later, and the touring had to finally stop.

I believe if more famous well know people allowed us into their life while they were dealing with Alzheimer's, more people would now be paying attention.

His final recorded song/video was "I'm Not Gonna to Miss You" was really heart breaking. It has to do with him not going to remember his wife and family. It's on YouTube.

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I set my PVR to watch this. But haven't yet. I was always a big Glen Campbell fan.
Especially "Wichita Lineman" I love that song. It makes me cry every time.

I eagerly watched the show last night as I have been a big Glen Campbell fan since childhood.

I was shocked when last week, my cousin, who has advanced dementia and never watches tv, squealed when I walked into the room and then pointed to the tv. There was a preview of this special. Of course, my cousin had no idea that it was about Alzheimers or that Glen has Alzheimers. She just loved seeing him on tv! Isn't that amazing. She asked me to bring her a photo of him.

I was actually a little torn by what I saw. I know that Glen initially wanted to do the project, but it seemed to me that they stayed on tour far too long. Glen might have enjoyed performing, but to me, over 100 concerts for someone who has substantial memory issues is pushing it. I could see 12 shows, but 112! I didn't see any point to it and didn't think they were putting Glen first by continuing with that tour. One hundred concerts is a lot for a man his age who does NOT have dementia.

I also felt a little funny about showing him in his home life with family and friends discussing his behavior and memory loss. Some of it was okay, but some scenes were too personal. It just felt like an invasion of privacy to me. I know he signed up for some it, but to went too far.

It was heartbreaking and I did cry my eyes out. What a terrible loss, not just to his family, but the entire world. Glen was so talented.

I've heard that some of his older children are upset he has been placed in a Memory Care facility. They must not know much about his condition. That's sad too.

For those who have cable, CNN sister network, HLN, will encore the docu this Friday [07/03] at 8 PM ET and the film will encore on CNN/U.S. on Saturday, July 4 at 9 PM ET according to CNN website.

We forget that living longer is not necessarily a blessing. In many cases, it is a downright curse.

I saw this..very good and so sad. I thought about letting my mom and dad watch but was afraid it would be too upsetting. Sad to see such talent disappear like that....reminds me of my Dad.

Flyer, thanks for posting this. I saw the show advertised but was unable to catch it. I'm sure they'll re run it though. I was a fan as a kid and struggling guitar player. It's a great, sad story.

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