My Mother is in a rehab and not doing well, she complains tht she has acid reflux. I've been told by my brother and my aunt not to stay all day that's it healthy for both of us. Ive hired an aide and that seems it didn't work, I'm thinking about putting her back in the hospital.I'm alone and stressed and don't know what to do. I've come to accepthe idea that she will die soon cause she isn't getting any better.

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Sometimes you must come to the point of actually giving up on someone and actually walk away before the right help comes. Sometimes you must let go and let the cards fall where they will, even if help never comes

i really do not know how much longer i can take care of my mom., i feel it is time to put her in a nurning home but i am so afraid of all the terrible stores i have heard about them., additionally the guilt is unbearable., let alone watching my 91 year old mom fail into her own world., i cannot concentrate on anything else., my live is becoming overwhelming, all i do is cry. and yes i have sought professional help but nothing is working

Hi Joan
I am sorry to her of the hard time you are having. I am also so sorry that your mom is not doing to well. I do agree with the fact that you need not to be at the rehab all day I know it is hard but you both need to have some time for yourselves.

I have worked with patient with every illness possible and it is hard sometimes , the one thing that I have learned over the years is that not all aides are compatible with every client/patient maybe you can try one more time before you call it a day, you owe that to yourself.

accepting that your love ones are getting closer and closer to leave us behind can be overwhelming, just remember we are here to help in any way we can and this sight has excellent informaion and covers all topics. Good Luck and prayers are with you.

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