Give me back the old forum format, please.

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Oh my gosh the print is H U G E. Why fix something that isn't broken? I can make the print smaller but it messes up other items on the website :( I will give this new format an old college try, but it I find it too cumbersome, I may have to just give up the forum, which I don't want to do. Now I need to "choose a topic" but to do that I need to make that print LARGER so I can read it..... [sigh].


Oh, another thing I had notice, whenever there is a conversation going, one has to scroll down the page to find the start of said conversation.... reverse to what we had before.
I actually think I like it, but, I wear reading glasses, so this is a plus for me. It'll take adjusting, but, I'll give it shot.
One positive note, we can now EDIT.... bravo as my proof-reading has gone down hill over the years. Nice I can get a second and third change to fix any errors :P
They still haven't adjusted the font size on our profile page or news feed, but otherwise I can now browse the forum and articles without adjusting the page size. The thing the need to change is linking the threads to the news feed, when I click on a something in my news feed I get the question/discussion without any way to access the posted replies. :( :(
I can get used to the larger type, but having to scroll past a lot of responses to get to the post/point they're responding to can be confusing and will be really annoying in long threads with multiple discussions.
Thank you cwillie for pointing out the News Feed thread issue. We are working on a fix right away!
I saw the Edit feature mentioned a while back, but I couldn't use it until this morning. I also don't understand why the pages of a conversation are now in reverse order, as of this morning.
One suggestion.... put more space between the REPORT THIS POST and the HEART. For some strange reason I keep clicking on the REPORT instead of the HEART... at least I can cancel it.
This IS a commercial site, regardless of what anyone thinks. Revenue generation from ads is a function of it.

So why not hire commercial techs to get any changes done, and do them right the first time?

This is a repeat of the earlier fiasco.

I'm not even going to bother reading this ridiculously large type.
I can live with it if they fix the news feed issue

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