This was part of a discussion on gifts to get elderly parents that have everything, another writer came up with a great discussion about what NOT to give. Thought I would start it as a new discussion.

My significant other and I are push 70 years old, and his grand-daughters, who are grade school age, keep giving him t-shirts and mugs that say "The Worlds Best Grandfather". He rather wear sports t-shirts such as the Yankees, and the Grandfather shirts/sweatshirts/caps never get worn, they get donated. I can understand it, as I prefer not to wear any t-shirt that has writing or a basket of kittens on it.... it's just not my style. I try to suggest to his daughter what his wish list is, but another delivery of Grandfather stuff comes in.

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When it comes to sending a bouquet of flowers, try to have the flowers delivered by a local florist. Those flowers that comes in a box delivered by the mailman or UPS are so very difficult to open. I almost gave up trying to get a lovely potted plant out of one of those boxes.... I understand the flowers need to be packed so not to get damaged.

On Saturday I do volunteer work at a regional hospital and we get those "boxed" flowers and we deliver them to the patients... 75% of the time the patient doesn't look physically able to tear into a box and they have to wait for someone from the nursing staff to help them open the box. I usually get really big smiles when I deliver a beautiful bouquet from a local florist or flowers from the hospital gift shop.

We always got Grandpa a box of cigars. If we were good, he would give us the pretty paper ring from one of them.

The worst idea for my mother is a restaurant gift card, particularly for a restaurant we never go to that is many miles away. It would be a better idea to take the parent out to eat at the restaurant themselves. Spending their time would be more appreciated. A restaurant gift card to me says, "Here, this covers my obligation. Now you take care of the rest."

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