Her space is so limited to about 7'x13' If I give her candy/chocolate or food she will sit and eat it all at one time. She has dementia and I wish she just didn't even know the holidays are here.

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My father always loved to sing. My niece gave him a simple CD player and we all found CDs of music that he had loved, dating back to the 1940s. The staff at his ALF often set it up in the dining room so that all could enjoy the music.

jeannegibbs, Thank you for your comment I've covered most of these. I didn't even think to google gifts. I like the mylar balloons idea. Thanks again!

Memory problems make this more challenging, I think. You could pay for cable for her for a certain period, or to get her hair done (if she does that) for X number of times, but I have a feeling that something tangible is more appreciated by folks with dementia. How often do you see her? Could you give her small amounts of treats frequently rather than a large amount one time? Or buy box of candy bars and ask the staff to deliver one to her each day? Or a card reminding her that you are paying for her hair dresser appoint that week, once a week.

There are "toys" designed for people with dementia. Of course "dementia" covers a huge range of cognitive abilities and needs. Some women love to have realistic baby dolls. Some get a lot out of "fidget" toys that keep their hands busy. Many enjoy soft cuddly plush bears or dogs or other critters. Google "dementia toys" and see if you find anything that would appeal to Mother.

Those who can still read may like a book at their comprehension level. Others who can't read might enjoy audio books to listen to, again at their level of comprehension.

Old (and new) family photos in a pretty box might be enjoyed over and over.

A sturdy but very pretty article of clothing? (And maybe remove something from the closet or dresser that is getting worn out, to make room.)

Gaudy, sparkly, cheap jewelry? (Nothing that would be a big loss if it gets misplaced.)

A bouquet of helium Mylar balloons that will stay up for many days?

It is a challenge shopping for someone with special needs. Good luck!

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