After searching the internet and talking to many lawyers about the cost of them doing the Guardianship, $3000 is not something anyone in my family can afford to do since my mom continues to send her money away at about $1500 a month.

I need a way to be able to stop my mom from giving her money away, I have a file box full of receipts from the past 1 or 2 years, BUT this has been going on for over 10 years and she has given away over $250,000. She is so deep into this world that she thinks she is talking to president Obama and his wife, receives packages at the house, and who knows what else. She has borrowed money from friends and lost their friendship along the way and is slowly losing the rest of her family.

To me this is a pretty open and shut case if I brought this evidence to any judge and had any family member speak to them about this situation that we have all gone through. Doesnt seem like I need a lawyer to win this fight.

My mom is looking for a way out she just cant seem to stop because she really truly believes she will receive money. I can see it in her eyes that she is stuck and the only way she can be free of this is if there is legal action taken. She is like an addicted gambler. She is always anxious and is nervous about something, they have her believing that she cant tell anyone about this, I truly believe my mom's way of life will vastly improve once she knows she cant have control of her money and has me in control to help her. She has agreed to POA but she also knows that when she really needs to get her money she can go to the courthouse and have it removed herself (she told me this).

My mom is also hearing impaired, as well as my dad. My father has been battling with stage 5 kidney failure and goes to dialysis 3 times a week. He is the one paying the bills and worrying if my mom will have ANY money left to give him for bills. My mom has cause this family alot of pain and suffering just going thru this, the lies, secrecy, and just plain hurt. All I know is that I cant just give this up without a REAL fight, it is the only way to save my mom and hopefully keep my dad sane enough to have him around for alot longer.

If anyone has some REAL information on how I can do this on my own or with an organization that can TRULY help my family overcome this situation. It has been 10 long years and alot of my family and friends money down the drain and sent to countries in Africa all because of my mom. One look at this and its basically should be "where does she sign".

This is my first time posting this for anyone to help me and I am hoping that I can get my mom back, she's been gone for a long time stuck in her own world of lies and this is all I need to do to break it. No access to money, no problems.

I cant just have my dad leave her and move somewhere else because this problem will not stop and I will have to deal with my mother basically being homeless. She cant have any control of money or it goes Western Union to somewhere in Africa. If left to herself she would be homeless, luckily for the past 10 years they have somehow stayed abover water. But with my dad becoming more ill I am afriad this will all fall apart on me.

I havent ever been someone to put myself out there for some kind of help but I am BEGGING for someone to be of some assistance to me and my family on this. Just steps in the right direction, something. My calls to anyone have fallen on deaf ears and no one seems to be able to help me. We live in Virginia.


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Is the 1500/month spent on rent & upkeep, bank paybacks 4 the 250,000 she borrowed 4 10 yrs ?

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