I have found that I find solace in green, as silly as that sounds. Blooming trees. A field of green flowers. The love of green found by Elizabth Gilbert. Hope resides in the the reality of decency. If God exists, he will remove the lie that we all know is true.

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It happens that we are of a similar bent both in our love of green trees, and our political persuasion, but to be honest, for me, the charm of this forum is that we keep the politics out of it. The reason I say this is that there is at least SOMEthing here that binds us together. There is something we have in common. It is dealing with all the losses we see/we experience in the aging populace, in those we love, in ourselves. Whatever their political party, the people here are almost unfailingly kind and generous. They are to me heroic in so many ways. Whatever we feel about politics, and about religion (I am a 77 year old atheist just born with no gene for it, I think), we are here bound together and trying to help one another. Wishing you all the very best and much good reading ahead, Ms Gilbert's or the joys of others. I find I go for escape, so I am a bit of a mystery fan. Hugs out to you.

I immerse myself in flora & fauna, I grow orchids outside in my oak trees, have over 100 in coco pots, have an island of Iris flowers, bird of paradise and more. I leave my phone inside and lose myself in the beauty that surrounds me. My narcissistic mother never enters my mind.

I’m happy you’ve found solace, but not certain what the Trump family has to do with a narcissistic mother?

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