Trying to get my father a photo ID.

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my dad moved in with my family from VA,after leaving the hospital.We live in Ga,the problem is he has direct deposit at BB&T bank,he just walk in the bank in Va and was able to withdraw his money,no Id was needed because they knew him.I know this is not going to happen here,we are waiting for the numident printout need for the DMV so he can get an ID,has anyone had to do this and how long did it take. I also am trying to get a birth certificate, I hope this work, am running out of ideas so he can get his money,and any other stuff we need to do


Does Georgia have any new regulations about requiring a government photo ID to vote? If so, apply for one for your dad. They ought to expedite it pretty quickly because states that have legislated requirements like that are having to make the process pretty smooth to calm criticism.
when i needed my birth certificate from CT, (i live in CA), my grandpa, God Bless him, walked into the records office in Bridgeport and requested a copy for me. he was able to do this because he is a direct relative, my mother's father, my mother's maiden name being on the birth certificate. i knew that it was possible to do this because i found this information online and then called the office to be certain.

check online with county and/or state records to see what is possible.

Go backto VA and withdraw his money? I took mom to DMV for photo ID but she did have a DL on file with them. Call your local PD non emergency line and ask them? I don't know the answer just throwing out some ideas.
I had troubles getting my mother to even OPEN an acct at BB&T when she came to NC from Illinois. She couldn't put money IN the bank without an ID card.We went to DMV and got a photo ID card that looked just like a driver's license, but was called a NC State ID card. We had to take 2 forms of ID. We were able to use her outdated Illinois driver's license and her social security card. When she came here, she had no bills in her name, wasn't registered to vote in this state. I even had to get another credit card in my name for her to use through BB&T as all had previously been in my dad's name. Maybe there is an old passport? And it isn't like the bank didn't know who she was, as we had personal friends at the bank who had met her years before and knew she was coming to live with us!!!
If you have all the right numbers at hand, you could set up online access to his old accounts and do it that way. Make sure you have POA so this is legal to do. I set my mom up with a secure e-mail address that "we" (ok, I) used for this purpose too. I don't think we could have managed long-distance caregiving and financial support without it.
I would work with his pension and ss people to change his direct deposits to a checking acct at a nearby bank or credit union. If you don't have PO, take him to the bank/credit union to request a new checking acct for his direct deposit checks. Then have him request the VA funds be closed out due to his move. Type a letter to the bank in VA and have him sign it if you don't have PO. Leave the acct open in VA until the first direct deposits get in the newer acct.

Then try to see of the motor vechicles will issue him either a drivers license or a government ID. He may need it to vote in person or as an absentee this November. If he isn't mobile it might be good to register him to vote but get an absentee ballot sent to him at his new home. These new voter laws unfortunately are going to make it difficult for the elderly and disabled to vote. It is truly a shame especially since they may have been a loyal voter for their lifetime.

I am going through this with my mom now, I live in Washington State and we moved here from Maryland. She also had no driver id and somehow I misplaced her id when we flew here. Trust me you will need a lot of documents if there is no previous id to show. I sent for my mom,s birth certificate, marriage certificate which you should be able to do if you have POA. Here in Washington State we need at least 4 forms of id if no goverment id is available. So far I have her marriage certificate, birth certificate (if they ask for it), medicare card(which is on the list of documents), a photo which was taken at her doctors office to match her medical records, have to get a copyb of her social security card now. It is really hard once they get dementia even when you have POA. I hope everything works out for you, I for one know its going to be frustrating, but you will get through it.
We had to get my mother-in-law a state ID here in Oregon, since she couldn't drive anymore. What a pain in the rear that was. She was married for 60 years, but they still wanted her marriage license to prove what her last name was, geez. Tashy86, her bank is Bank of America and all the cards that they issue have a photo on the front. Since I'm POA I have to take her to the bank and figure out stuff all the time. The new card they gave her DID NOT have a photo on it, so I had to insist they correct that. Turns out, if I hadn't told them I wanted her picture on the card, they wouldn't have issued her new card with one. I'd say, ask your dads bank if they offer the option of putting photo ID on his bank cards.
I just read you comment. I want to wish you luck getting you mom an id. I understand the crazy requirements for getting a driver's license renewal or ID in this post 9-11 world. In NJ we need about 6 forms of ID. No one seems capable of distinguishing the need of harmless, fragile elderly to be able to have an ID and retain their ability to vote. Too bad we can't use common sense and give the elderly the respect they deserve.
thanks for the response,I open an online account,so I am able to transfer the money to another account so I can take it out to give him the cash.

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