my mum needs help she is a danger to herself, but wont admit it , how can i get her some help, i have been doctors and they just give her tablets, she needs to be in some kind of home, people watching her and looking after her.... please help!!

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You want to put her in a nursing home or a home, home? If you go through northern bridges they im sure could find a lovng home for her to live at and there she would get close attention.

Her dr. is your best start.
Does she have dementia, if so-tell her dr. that she can't live alone any longer, he can start the ball rolling.
My Mom went from the hospital to a NH because she no longer was safe at home. Good luck.


There's a light brown bar across the top of the screen. It contains 11 links, of which "Housing" and "Find Care" might be the most helpful to you. On the left of the screen, under Discussion Topics, check out "Assisted Living Facilities."

Sam, although there's a lot of support in this forum there aren't any silver bullets because every situation, however similar, is as unique as the individual. Who knows? The answers you're seeking might be staring you in the face right now, so use the links. Complement the information with the suggestions we're all ready, willing, and able to give you, and then decide the best course of action. Good luck.

-- ED

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