It was a perfect situation for me. I adored my 'client' & I think he was happy with my care. However, his health was failing rapidly. I called 911 when he complained of weakness. He was admitted to the hospital that day for a 5 day stay. He returned home, but still weak. I felt as though he needed medical supervision to get the best care possible. That day I left a note telling the family that I could no longer be his caretaker, until he's out of the woods.

Did I over react? I still think I did the right thing, but, crap, I need a job!!!
One will manifest, I know, but until then......I AM CRAZY! LOL (- ;

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You may want to get in the habit of having a consultation with the family and making a decision together rather than jumping the gun and making a unilateral decision that you can't necessarily take back. It's possible he was on his way to needing Hospice in which case you would have had some part-time assistance which you could have supervised (IMHO, hospice need supervising by someone who knows the patient). If you kind of walked off the job, forcing them to get an RN, even if you're patient gets better, they may be inclined to find someone else unless they really loved you. It's a tough call but maybe you could have given it a little more time to see how things progressed and had open communication with the family before you made your decision'

I agree with you got the job you what will manifest, so don't worry about that part.

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