Mother belches, mouth wide open, like a sailor on a weekend binge, all the time. She also says her throat tickles and moans when she breaths all the time thinking that scratches it, it doesn't. We finally convinced her Dr. to make her an appointment with a gastrologist to see if he can suggest something. The fact that she is hard of hearing and can't hear all the noises she makes does not help. We're pulling our hair out and she is comfortable, go figure. Her appointment is not for another month. Hopefully our sanity can hold out. I'll follow up after that so I can share.

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I appreciate all your comments. About eating slower, if she ate any slower she might as well stay at the table until each next meal. She would take over an hour if we let her, as she tends to nod off but won't admit it. We put a timer on the table and set if for 30 min. So far she has not gone past it, but she knows what it is there for.
As for the spray, we already have that. It helps some, but she has been doing it for so long it has become a habit. As for the belching, if we had done that as kids we would have picked ourselves up off the floor with a bloody lip. I know about other cultures where belching is not only expected but considered an insult, after a meal, if not loudly blown out. She raised us to know that it was not only not accepted but extremely rude. That is why it is such a uncharacteristic habit considering how prudent she was growing up. These are not quiet little burbs from a little old lady. These are full mouth full voice, heard from 3 rooms away, mini volcanic explosions, hence the Dr. appointment.

Poor thing she can't help it and it makes her more comfortable . Try and slow her eating so she swallows less air and increase her fluid intake. the gastrologist may order a swallowing sudy to see if she has swallowing problems. In the meantime put on some loud music after meals.

In some cultures, belching is a sign that a meal was good, compliments to the chef !!

If her throat tickles when she breaths, maybe she has what is called *dry mouth* which can be caused by blood pressure pills. There are sprays expressly designed for this.

In the mean time, find some humor in the belching.... when you hear it, think Mom must have eaten something really good :)

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