Just got this from my nephew overseas

"Hi Folks, Quick update from my Southern European friends : Italy has confirmed fuel pumps are one of the main sources of infection, easy solution, wear gloves/ wrap tissue around the pump, then dispose immediately before you touch anything else, car door, car key, bank card etc. Simple steps to stay safe."

It's so easy to keep our old habits and it takes some effort to develop new safe ones.

How are you doing?

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I've used rubber gloves the last coupole times I gassed up. The possibility of spreading diseases at the pump has always been on my mind, but I just endure those thoughts. At one point I used a bottle of water to try cleaning my hands.
Secondly, I'm now packing a small amount of TP in a Ziplock, another bag with a few Kleenex in case I need to use public restrooms.

I'm glad your letting us know about your nephew's experience!

Hey doggy poop bags are a great idea. Sig other got some and so did I, not that I am going many places so I don't gas up very often. I may go for a drive just to get a change of scenery.

Everything is shut down here now except absolutely essential businesses, and only 15 people allowed in a group all 6 ft apart. Wouldn't make much of a party, but I know it is necessary to slow the virus - dampen the curve.

The province is now ready to impose strong measures on those who do not comply. I am relieved.

Take care all.

Newspaper bags, great idea! Doggy poop bags would be quiet convenient I think. All on a nice roll so no mess of bags in the car.

Shhh, those may be hoarded next.

glad -They are in short supply most places sadly. Let us know how it pans out.

lil - proper hand sanitizers should work after touching possibly infected surfaces. - see 97yearoldmom's link

97yroldmom - awesome information from a professor who knows. He suggested the virus lives on surfaces for about a week. Probably a good guide to use. I have read infected clothing can be washed in hot water and then use a hot dryer. Bleach is good too. Sure hope you and your aunt are OK. His projection about the spread of cases in the US is not far off . On the worldometers site the US is moving up - today by over 9,000 new cases to a total of over 33,000. Italy has over 59,000 by today. The US is the next one down on the list. it has come up very quickly this week from a much lower position.

rainmom - I agree with you that the virus could spread fast through a group like that and it isn't fair to the rest of the population if they get treatment ahead of someone with safe practices. I doubt legally it would be possible to take it away from the partiers. There was a question posed to our chief Public Health officer during one of her daily session as to whether or not people who are seen to not be observing the recommendations could be reported some where and fined or coerced to comply. She said no.

cm - watch those gloves!!! I am sure there will be good things coming out of this disaster.

needtowashhair - that's good.

Stewart - that sounds like a grand idea!!!

Gershun - it is stressful for most people. Nagging never helps does it? I like send's suggestion that he goes alone to the grocery store. I was talking about all this with my eldest son and it crossed my mind at one point to tell him to take a certain precaution, but before I opened my mouth I thought he's over 50 years old and I'm not his mother. Then I realised ,of course, that I am his mother lol, but I doubted he would appreciate me telling him what to do.

send - many people are stressed aren't they? I read that some stores are wiping stuff down too. I totally agree that the best way to deal with the stress of the situation is becoming informed. Then you can choose your path through it. It absolutely is an attitude adjustment as well as developing new habits. I hope to have better habits to keep when this is over.

(((((hugs))))) to everyone. This isn't easy. My lifestyle hasn't changed a lot, but I am sure that is not true for many others.

So sorry it is stressful. Your hubs might be more stressed than you.
Can you stay home from the grocery store and send hubs only?
I heard that stores receiving deliveries are actually wiping down boxes and sanitizing them.

We will be leaving boxed deliveries on the porch, unloading them there.

The best way I can find to fight the stress of it is to become more informed how germs spread, and learn more aseptic techniques used by the medical professionals.

One could see it as a challenge, and try to teach hubs in return, all the ways he could be spreading germs. It is an attitude adjustment as well as developing extreme new habits.

Has anyone thought about our habits of collecting recycling, saving it up, bagging it, etc. ? Eyerollers can have your Covid-19 if you still think this is not serious.

Just for you, Gershun....I am sympathetic because my hubs is trying to control me because it is he who is stressed out and not hiding it well. Can we wrap 2-3 masks around their faces so they cannot talk? Lol. 😷

I'm healthy but beginning to lose it mentally. My DH is driving me mental. I'm being careful but he is harassing me. "Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!" he keeps saying. I know to do that. Him nagging me about it isn't helping. He practically knocked me over today to keep me from rubbing up against someone at the grocery store accidentally. Please!

Want to point out that gloves should be treated as infected once they touch the gas pump.

from above
" wear gloves/ wrap tissue around the pump, then DISPOSE IMMEDIATELY before you touch anything else"

I read that and also figure it to mean DISPOSE OF THE GLOVES TOO.

I have done a fair amount of reading about how long the virus can live on various surfaces such as metals, plastic, cardboard, and fabrics, porous type or leather type and the answers vary up to as long as 9 days in some cases. The general consensus seems to be 2- 3 days on metal and plastic, and a few hours on cardboard. Certainly it can live on fabrics. Length of time depends on the fabric.

Remember this is a new virus so they don't have data on it, so all of these are just estimates not written in stone. You need to figure out your own risk level.

By the time you get your amazon box the box is probably ok as long as the delivery guy hasn't coughed on it.

Initially in Canada it was thought (or written as such) that the virus passed mainly from person to person by being within the 6 ft range of an infected person who coughed and you picked up the virus in the droplets of moisture.

The next phase was finding out that people who had not had contact (knowingly) with an infected person became infected. I am not the least bit surprised to find out that there is a fair amount of transmission on surfaces of one sort or another.

 I don't assume an infected person hasn't coughed on my mail or the mail box (metal) or on my groceries before they are packed and delivered etc. or touched them with infected hands. So I have developed ways to deal with that. It just means an adjustment of your habits. I bring the boxes in, they sit in the hall and I disinfect myself after touching them (wash my hands or used a lysol wipe etc) . After a few days I unpack them. I deal with the mail in a similar fashion.

The virus doesn't live forever outside or on surfaces so given a few days LIKELY items are safe.

If you have used your favourite gloves to pump gas, treat them as an infected object so you don't infect yourself or other surfaces - put them aside safely and in a few days they will probably be ok.

Personally I think paper towel or plastic bags of some sort are a better answer to preventing infection from the gas pump, They can be tossed right away.

In addition take disinfectant wipes or such with you to clean your hands after shopping. Those pin pads, cart handles etc have to be covered in bugs of all sorts including the virus.

This virus is characterised by being extremely contagious. Hence the situation we have now which is getting worse worldwide.Scientists are still working on finding out why.

An aside about the 6 ft rule for safe boundaries - that word again and I will get back to that thread. The provincial premiere very appropriately said in one of his broadcasts that citizens should reach out to the elderly and disabled and offer to get groceries etc.

Okay! Good! The next day a young woman who I have never seen before, knocked on my door, did NOT stand 6 ft away and asked if I needed help. I waved her to back up and hid behind the door ad asked her where this came from. She very vaguely said "Oh, a few of us decided.." and her voice trailed off. I said firmly that I was fine, thank you! Then my very nice neighbour knocked on the door, and did not observe the 6 ft rule either, so I told her to back up, and she offered to get me groceries if I needed it. I thanked her and declined but then she wanted to give me her phone number but needed a pen and paper. I got one and gave them to her, averting my face. She wrote down the information and she handed them back and said "You better disinfect the pen". I told her I intended to and I did.

The next day the first case of covid was confirmed in town. Undoubtedly that means there are others.

I'm off to pick up my mail - carefully. I figured this was a good time to do that. Back later.

I use newspaper plastic bags on my hands when filling up at the pump then promptly dispose of them when finished.
I now keep a good supply in the car.

Even before this, I always wear a glove when pumping gas.

Never mind gas pumps being a source of infection - gas is carcinogenic and spills around pump handles and nozzles are inevitable, so why have people not been wearing gloves when refuelling in any case? - but I'm not complaining, this could be a thread in the silver lining :)

Kinda off the gas pump...

But I found myself thinking something rather unkind but cant help but feeling kind of justified - or
am I’m just out of line..?

I live across a small lake from a very large state park. Today the Spring weather was glorious and I watched folks fishing and bike riding - alone or in small sets of twos and threes.

But then I notice a big group. I got my binoculars (bird watching, honestly) and saw what was a birthday party in the picnic table area. I stopped counting at 50 people - a mix of adults and children but more adults.

I found myself getting really pizzed off. Think of how that could grow
exponentially! The virus.

But here’s the thing - the mean thought - If someone catches the virus from plain stupidity and in defiance of new government orders - such as no groups larger than 10 - and just say they need an ICU room and/or a ventilator - how is it fair in the places where hospitals are maxed out - that they get a room/vent and someone else - who did everything they were asked to minimize exposure but still got it and they have to wait for an ICU bed to open... I have to say my first inclination would be to take the
birthday party goer’s room away.

Or is that just me being mean, short tempered and enraged by the
morons who still aren’t taking this seriously and putting others in danger?

I posted this same info back on March 4. Good to see it repeated.
Seems like a long time ago now.
I’ve gotten to where I automatically put my disposable gloves in my jeans pocket when I get dressed to go out just in case. Another tip I read on the message from Arwen in Italy was keep toothpicks handy to use on keypads to keep from contaminating so many gloves.
Since I adopted the attitude that I should act as if I already have the virus it’s easier to stay in.
Thanks for the website info.
I also think deciding to forgo the test is good for now until the health care workers and folks in icu have a steady supply. The instructions are the same regardless of test outcomes. Stay isolated. Wash your hands.

Thank you!  Great info. 

Do you or he think hand sanitizers after using pumps, etc. would work?  Or just barely?  Not that I can ever find any in the near future, but if I ever do.  Otherwise, I'll wear gloves or wrap paper around.

Don't know if she will get a test. They are in very short supply.

glad - that is shocking!!! Others pay for those who don't comply. Will she be tested? Many don't get very sick but still are contagious.

Rainmom - I love that site. So much information. It does seem there is hope from China's numbers and a few other Asian countries. However they have applied very strict measures which may not be acceptable here. Personally I am in favour of whatever it takes to reduce the numbers of cases.

shell - good for you.

Stay safe everyone!!!

I will be putting gloves in both my jeep and truck!

Thanks Golden for this reminder!😉

golden23 -
I have that site as an icon shortcut on my phone. It is an excellent source of information both on a worldwide and state level.

For those who like to see things by the numbers and with charts and graphs - this is the best site I’ve found - and I’ve looked at a lot! Too many, really. But - you can leave the info as broad based as you like or by clicking on specify countries or states - keep breaking it down to more and more specific info.

Hope this can help folks who do better with more info than less. And, actually - when looking at the numbers in China, there is actually cause for hope. At least that’s how I see it.

Thanks, Golden, good info.

Some just are not heeding any recommendations. This includes, evidently, the doc for one of my assistants. She was coughing Wednesday, then told to stay home Thursday, which she thought silly since she did not have a fever. She called after lunch on Thursday she then had a fever. She called her doc that evidently told her there was no reason for her to not go to work! She stayed home Friday, the rest of us sent home. Still shaking out what will happen Monday.

cw - It's good people are staying at home. For me that's nothing new, but it is for a lot of people and is stressful for them. I can sit and look at the bushes and trees and go out and walk among them.

trying 😊

I really think we are in for the long haul on this one. Just saw a Ted Talk by Bill Gates from 2015 warning that we needed to prepare for this. Not sure that he was taken seriously by many.

One son who works in retail has a cough, checked by phone with the appropriate place and was told to isolate but he didn't need to go for a test. It's hard to distinguish between the regular ENT issues and the virus symptoms.

I am finding that has good information. As an over 80 years old my risk is much smaller as I have no comorbidities, as least none on their list.

How quickly our plans and actions have to change!

good reminder thanks

I'm putting some gloves in my coat pocket as soon as I'm finished writing...

Things are kind of subtly eerie in my little town, when I was out on my walk I noticed that there are cars in every driveway and the parking lots at the apartment buildings are full, people are obviously staying are home.

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