If you have a Walgreens in your area, they are having $50 off a Transporter wheelchair or a Rollator. Their Transporters are lightweight.

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Thank you TnTechie!

Sendhelp, have you checked with your local library about their ebook programs? TN has a program called TN e.r.e.a.d.s that makes lots of electronic books available for checkout through an app (for windows and phones) by overdrive called libby. Other states have similar programs. If you visit the website or download the app, it will prompt you to apply for a library card at one of the libraries included in the program. There aren't many just released books because the publishers restrict ebook sales to one book per library for the first 7 months, but there are a lot of good books. I like to check there on books I'm uncertain about.

If you have a kindle, any sections of a book you highlight remains as accessible "notes" even after you return the book. So if there's a recipe for a cake or mixing a home made cleaner, I highlight it and then I can still pull that information up months after I returned the ebook.

Good tip!
I would like to use this thread to post tips, like sales.
For myself, I am considering getting an e-book on sale for $1.99,
because it explains the reasoning behind juicing celery, which has helped me in the past, but I did not know why.
Still, I hesitate.
But maybe someone else wants to try it?

Thanks for that tip, JoAnn.

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