I have a friend whose 101 year old mom is fortunate enough to live in her own NYC apartment with 24/7 aides. For several years, I have suggested to my friend that she get her mom hooked up with a doctor who can visit her at home; even BEFORE the pandemic, getting her out to her regular doctor in a wheelchair was a production. My friend kept telling me that she'd get to it eventually.

I kept saying, "you don't want to wait until it's an emergency".

Well, her mom is suddenly have odd pains and complaints and needs to be seen. And the process to switch from the regular doc to the doc who makes house calls involves volumes of paperwork; my friend is not particularly computer literate and has no printer. Things need to be signed and she doesn't have a touch screen laptop.

I talked to her yesterday and my friend (who is 75, and not well herself) was near collapse with dealing with this

Please, folks, get your parents signed up with a doc who comes to the home if you have that available to you...BEFORE your parent needs it. Please.

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I live in a small area and few doctors to house calls. The trend now is sending out their Nurse Practitioners. Not sure if my Doctor does this. Have to check it out. When I worked, there was one Doctor who did in home and she used NPs. But she was not local.

Thank you Barb -- hoping your friend and her mom can get it done.

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