We all tire of hearing the same questions over and over and over again. Tonight Mom asked one too many times "What was that sound?". Email had just come in on the ipad. Usually I tell her it is email, which means nothing to her. And of course this same question is asked each time.

Tonight I told her, "nothing to worry about, my head just makes that noise once in awhile". She thought I should see somebody about it which led to where did I buy it. Now it is gone.

I have not laughed to the point of tears running down my face in a very long time. Had to try to hide the laughter though. And Mom's hubby was also trying to keep from laughing.

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LOL, Awww! I don't have one exactly like that, but not too long ago, when they announced that the flu shot wouldn't be 100% effective, I turned to Mom and said..."see Mom, it's the Gov't, they are trying to kill us all off." She responded, without hesitation, "well, who is going to pay their salaries then?" Spot on Ma!!

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