I have a resident that just moved into my memory care center that only speaks Russian. Family isn't really involved. Is there a service that I can call that will translate for us for FREE????

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The University of Richmond has a Russian Studies curriculum. Call them to find a student wanting to practice their Russian. And it looks like there are a lot of ESL courses around Richmond...I'd try them as well. Good luck!

Also, if you have access to the internet and google, you can go to Google and click on "Translate". You type out the sentence in English and it will translate it to Russian. You can click on the speaker icon on the Russian side and it will say it out loud. It also prints it out in Russian, so if your client can still read, they could read what you wrote. Not ideal, but good in a pinch.

You could also look for Russian students or immigrants in the "English as a Second language" or ESL courses, if you have any kind of school nearby.

One suggestion is to go to the Internet and type in "free Interpreter Services".

Another suggestion is to contact your local area on aging to see if there is a local Russian church group, etc.

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