I'm wondering if anyone else in the Lower Mainland of BC has had a bad experience dealing with Fraser Health and their elderly parent as far as placing them in subsidized care or subsidized assisted living?

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We have found that FH is very reluctant to get into an active discussion regarding placement in a care facility, unless the family is prepared to pay the fll cost (@$4600 p.m.) We care in home for my elederly mother in law who has alzheimer's, and for her 86 year old husband. She is 'on a list' for placement but the local facilities are steadily losing their subsidized beds and these have now become very difficult to access and limited resources. We have come to accept that as long as our family continues to provide a safe and caring home, nothing will change as far as access to a subsidized bed. We believe that the most effective way to access a subsidized bed is to take the family member to the local hospital, at such time as we can no longer provide adequate care (for her or for our own well being), and leave her there. This is not an option that we find to be particularly tasteful but it may become more attractive in the months to come as or if family circumstance may change. We have been advised by facility staff that the waiting list for one of these ever diminshing beds could be anywhere from several months to 4 years. FH staff have advised (only partly in jest) that in circumstances such as ours 'the caregivers usually die first'. Very helpful indeed. I don't place the blame with local FH. staff. They are trying (and being directed by senior administrators and political masters) to manage their very limited resources. All in all not a very good situation. Tommy Douglas must be spinning in his grave.

Thanks for checking. I don't have information on this but we can hope someone else on the forum does.


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