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Good grief, the main page for the forums the print is LARGE.... when one clicks on the question/discussion, the print is so much smaller. I am constantly rolling the sizes back and forth so I can read them, but it is messing up the other websites that I visit.

Anyone else noticed this recent problem? Wish the website would have left this alone.

And now I went to choose a topic, and the print is so tiny I can't read it and I cannot even change the font size :P


I "whined" about it the other day FF. And I was finally comfortable navigating the site, although still grumbling that the font size on our news feed doesn't match.
For me the problem isn't just the change in font, it's the column width too.
I noticed, too. The font in the topic section is too small and now I cannot even make it bigger if I want to. Haven't looked at any articles yet. I don't read them much anymore they are too difficult to navigate.
Pushing to top. Others thoughts?
I'm curious if this is better for those accessing the site on phones and tablets, I can understand making changes if that is the goal since that seems to be the way most people web surf today.
I think it's Times New Roman, and I don't think it can be a coincidence that some university or other just published a paper about research findings into font readability (Times New Roman won).
Too bad we can't choose our own font to use on the forum. Some font styles are easier to read then others.

When I write a comment, before posting it, the font is different from the posted comment. Now that font style I do like :)

So instead of me constantly changing the font sizes depending on what I am reading on the forum.... I either roll my chair back, or roll it up and bring the screen the monitor closer to me. Yep, I still use a desk top computer.

My sig other has a lap top that he uses as his "tower"..... he opted to add a regular keyboard that is more comfortable to use.... also opted for a regular monitor.... and also uses a mouse. My boss also did the same thing.
I use an iPhone to browse this site. I don't need reading glasses. It is much harder to see now!
I am on a tablet, very hard to read! Just guessing but the font size in the forums must be point 6 or even less. Actually gives me a headache.

Regarding Times New Roman I read a number of years ago that the font is very difficult to read for the disabled. I prefer courier, easier to read, not as hard on the eyes.
Well, maybe it has been fixed. But when this happened I went to my kindle tools that allowed me to increase the font size larger on all websites. Upon returning, it looks okay. I am burnt out trying to correct websites, so it's up to the rest of you.

Calling out to hubs for the technical terms and his expertise was just not fair to him. He is busier now, helping my sister with her computer by phone, so I try to protect him from the added stress.
Sorry, and I am no expert at all.
I still wish that the posted comments would have two spaces between the sentences instead of the one. Right now it makes me feel like I am reading one very long run on sentence.

Wish for websites like AgingCare, that the tech team be closer to retirement age so they can understand what some of us are going through reading on the Internet :P

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