She now doesn't remember stating that I have ever hit her and I am a God send in her eyes. I made her an appointment with a neurologist which stated that she definitely has dementia but until we have blood work done, an MRI and an EEG he will not know the state that she is in, but he put her on some melds that is supposed to elk her memory. A couple of hours after taking it, she felt nauseous, dizzy and freezing cold so I stopped the meds and called the doctor and told him what had happened and they said not to give her anymore for now. I had her drink some milk and got her to eat a small piece of toast. She is better now but I am right back at square one again but the blood work has been done and appointments made for the other two.

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Hi BarbBrooklyn, everything is pretty quiet with her right now other than her seeing a man sleeping on her couch but doesn't wake him and now I keep all pills out of her house because she thinks that she is supposed to take them every time she wakes up. I have to take her back to the doctor to hear what they found out from near newest tests which is on the 19th of July. Thanks for asking though.

Yankee, how is it going?

Thank you for the update. For those not familiar with the timeline, here is the posting

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