I am just curious how do love ones you are caring react to the loud firework sounds? On our neighborhood forum there is a discussion about fireworks. Some people are very caring, others could care less about their neighbors which I never seen like I have in the past couple of years.

The 4th of July residential fireworks were over the top in my neighborhood. Illegal cherry bombs were going off behind my house, and in front were folks doing something else. I know my head was spinning because the noise was SO LOUD.

And this wasn't just on the 4th which is ok in my book for communities to have professional firework show. This was happening throughout June with high school graduations... with baby gender parties.... birthdays... etc. I see a new pattern here.

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People here go crazy with fireworks! It is annoying for people and animals. I don’t see it changing though. It’s all about dollar signs! They are a huge business, legal or not.

When my Dad was living with us..he got agitated when he heard fireworks. We live in the country, but had some neighbors with kids in their 20s,, who would set them off for hours. And we could hear the ones from the carnival 3 miles across the field. So it was interesting to say the least. Now the panic comes from our puppy... Some neighborhoods send out a letter giving times and dates.. at least then you can prepare

My parents' lived in an area of neighbors with more common sense than those in my neighborhood, who also have been "celebrating" for  a few weeks before the Fourth.    The evening of July 4 though was probably the  worst I've ever heard/seen in this area.   

I really was agitated when bedtime rolled around b/c it was just impossible to relax with all the racket.

And complicating that is that the people creating the racket and the "rockets' red glare" and "bombs (or whatever) bursting in air" are aligned along the depth of my yard, all 4 neighbors.   I'm sure that some of the debris ended up in my yard.   Fortunately, nothing was set afire.   That was a big concern.

Beyond that is the total lack of consideration for responsibility of others in a neighborhood, especially since the "celebrations" continued until 12:30 a.m. the following day.

The group of 4 moved in after the 2008 financial crisis, when the tenor of the neighborhood changed.    Some in another section of the street seem to be good neighbors, but unfortunately, mine aren't.   Loud music, hostility, total lack of knowing how to live in a community...

I'm beginning to see how so many people can follow a particular individual, to be so insensitive to others, and to act irresponsibly.    Whether they never learned to live in a community, or are just lacking in common sense, they're a nasty bunch of people.

FreqFlyer, I hadn't seen a pattern other than the post financial crisis invasion, but your comment on a new pattern of activity that's disruptive raised an issue that's been annoying me for awhile.    One of the neighbors has an irresponsible daughter who refuses to take care of herself, blows through money, and in her 30s, still can't support herself and dumps herself in her mother's hands when she gets in trouble.

The racket she creates is sooo disruptive.    I've decided the next time she plays loud music that I'm going to open the windows on that side and play opera, as loud as I can.   Or maybe I'll just sing.  

On the other side though are two young, educated millennials, who are so devoted to their children.  They're good people, and offered to take over all my lawn mowing, tree trimming, getting groceries, etc.    Although I was impressed, it was a reminder that I might appear to others as being far more incapacitated than I view myself.   Still, they offered help.  That's important.

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