They said its against policy to have contact with former clients for 1 year after client has left agency. 1 It's this is not in our contract. 2; my friend offered to help me with a financial situation
after several months of declining I told her speak with your daughters and it would be a loan and papers draw up for paying back. my friend didn't like speaking with her daughter about money so I believed this was a closed subject.
sevral a few weeks later my friend called to see if I could come see her. I did her daughter was there and we had a pleasant time. my friend stood up and said I cant loan you the money. I said I didn't expect any. after a short time her daughter left get groceries and my friend and I visited. her daughter and husband returned with groceries. I then left. on the following Monday I was called into the office. and was fired for having contac and asking for a loan. and my fiends daughter said they were scared of me and I intimidated them. this isn't true. I wont have contac with this person I called friend but would like to clear my name. I have taken her out on several occasions for lunch and I paid for it all.i have taken her to do errands when she has called and asked. I have never asked for anything from her.

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don't trust anyone

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