Trying to find my Mom a place to live; she is only on SSI; I am just barely making ends meet myself--it has been past 40-years living with her.
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Not knowing her age or physical condition, I would like to add one more idea to the above. If your mother can live independently or with a little help from you, she can qualify for gov. subsidized senior-only apartments. The rent is usually half of the normal rent in her area. The apartments here are really nice.

If you haven't already tried this; perhaps it will help. Try going to a social worker at the local Social Services Department. The people there can be a wonderful asset in helping to find remedies for your problems. Even if your mom is on a fixed income, the situation can be dealt with responsibly. If you find a nursing facility; do the homework as far as getting as much info as you can, if your mom is admitted, be diligent in keeping tabs on how she is treated at the facility. Learn the chain of command and use it. Praying that you find a solution to the problem..

I suppose it would depend. Do you own your home or do you rent. Since she is on Medicaid which she should be if she is on SSI, then you could pursue a decent nursing facility. Depending on her abilities, she may even qualify for a foster home, but there is where you must be careful. Standards of care vary all over, but diligence on your part is of utmost importance. It sounds as though you really need a break. Have you always lived with her?

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