My mom and dad live in a scnf but the administrater and her secretary use there personal bank cards to get paid. My parents are scared to leave there because they have told them if they come with family they will be killed slowly. I have durable poa and health care poa on them but my dad has a feeding tube that they never use anymore. My mom only has a small ambulatory problem, they are not even in a bad condition but for some reason they keep luring them to stay there and they are using their funds for private purchases. They are using BANK CARDS with my parents name on them.

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Call the police. Let them sort it out. I am assuming you have seen the bills and payments and are certain of what you are telling us. I am also counting on the fact that the senior telling you that they have threatened their lives is competent in making this accusation. Meet the police at the facility with the proofs of fradulent use of the cards.

Do you know these facts from your own observation or is this what your parents are telling you?

If the bank records show purchase that were made by others, call the bank and have the cards cancelled. Then call the police and report the crime.

But make sure you ascertain that this is actually happening before you take action.

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