My mother remarried and had prenup. Her husband took her to bank, took my name off checking and put his on. Took 10,000.00. She has Alzhimer's. She did not want him to have anything of hers. everything was in my name and her name since 1999. She has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's for 4 years. He says money is gone . He is 88. I fear the day is approaching that I may have to put her in nursing home. He is ill, refuses any help. I took her cd and put them just in my name when she was diagnosed trying to to get the assets out of her name. Both our names were on them. Will Medicaid look back and ask me about the 10000.00, which I know nothing about other than he said she gave it to him, which we all know in my family that she doesn't and is not capable of making decisions.

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