My dad is threatening to make rash decisions with his and my mom's money. I have Durable POA and could step in if need be.
My dad is 90. He keeps reading info on the internet and fears that he and my mom's money will be taken from them. So he's looking for a safe to keep all their money in the house. OR he's looking for switching all the money into Swiss money -- or gold. Aagh!!! He is a very brilliant man who has lost the ability to do everything that gave him purpose in life (fixing everything that needed fixing in the home, teaching, etc.). So this is his way of "being in control." All that this does is cause friction between my mom and dad, and I can't help him listen to reason.
He was tested for balance issues by his neurologist about 8 months ago (CAT scans, but not MRI) and was found to be clear of Alzheimer's. But I realize that can change at any time.
I feel like I'm having to be marriage counselor as well as caregiver to both of them. When is the point that I need to take financial decisions away from him?

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Does your dad actually do these irrational things, or just talk about them? Is there any harm in researching and talking about what it would take to convert their money into gold or Swiss funds or chocolate bars? If he flits from one idea to another without doing anything drastic, is that really harmful? Can you help your mother understand that this is just fantasy (if it is)?

POA gives you authority to act on your father's behalf, doing things he wants done. He could ask you to please open a Swiss bank account, for example. But it may not give you the power to act in ways he doesn't want you to act. Read the document carefully and see what you can and can't do with it.

In order to really take financial decisions away from him you may need to be Guardian. But if he isn't really making decisions and trying to implement them, do you really need to step in?

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