Thanks to the lovely people here who suggested to me that I need to find my mothers doctor and see if I can write a letter to him some how. Well, I did find him and wrote him a heart felt letter 😊. He later called me personally which I did not expect. I told him everything that was going on with my good friend my mum..........

And basically he act like he didn't know what to do. He said that all he can do is give her (my mum) some kind of evaluation test asking her questions based on her memory. I asked him can they somehow ask my mum to take this test on her next visit, and at first he told me that when he ask his patients to usual take this test they usually don't come back. Then he asked if I can sit her down and talk with her and ask her to take this test, but I told him if I ask her she would get angry with me and won't listen. He then said ok, the next visit he will try to offer my mum the evaluation test. He told me that I can call him if things get there anything else that I can ask the doctor? He said that s MIR can't notice a sickness like alzymers. I'm no doctor so I was very limited on what to ask him. He seemed concerned, but did not know what he could do lol. I feel like I'm alone to handle these issues. I feel like God is giving me my own mission that I need to handle. My buddy (my mum) is not right, she's just not right and I can see it.........yesterday I was telling her (my mum) about a job interview that I needed to go to, and for the first time ever she told me that It wasn't worth it to go. I then got into a argument with her and her words were so confusion and during the argument I said "are you ok" and that's when she got angry like almost in a childish manner asking me "are you ok"....this is not her, this not my mother. No one else sees this except me. She doesn't speak with no one else but me on personal things. I still can't believe this is happening. Also I thought my mum was 67 years old, I'm now finding out that she's 73. God I didnt know she was 73. She eats ice cream and all this garbage in the house. I feel like getting away and not seeing her change like this. But I'm getting stronger and not crying and worrying about this, I have to stay strong. She has a doctors appointment coming soon and I feel I did my job by getting that letter to her doctor. It's in gods hands now I guess. Wow......thank you everyone here again

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@pamstegma. The weird thing is, just a few days ago she looked like she was back to her old self. Then boom, something changes again. I'm hoping it'd just stress or something else. I'm going to my doctors this week to see about this sudden high blood pressure I now have since worrying about her.....thanks Nd blessings to you all

Best of luck to you Rich, and be sure to get a good check-up yourself. Mom does not sound like and Alzheimer's case. We all get forgetful as we age, and you should see your own MD more often, at least until you feel better.

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