Today the government will decide if these governors, like Andrew Cuomo, will be held responsible, whom were entrusted with the lives of our loved ones sent positive patients sending Coronavirus patient into assisted living facilities where they had no PPE, nurses aids had left, that house patient senior with underlying conditions now being exposed to Virus from these hospital patients and died like my devoted wife. MAY SHE REST IN PEACE

He had the navy ship comfort to send these positive patients too instead he sent these positive patients into assisted living faculties that could not follow protocol infecting and killing my wife, your mother, brother, sisters, aunts, and a great deal more of our loved over 10,000 total dyeing

Remember the lives of all people. Cuomo you need to apology for what you Did. What kind of person are you.

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Actually, I’m pretty sure that this is the fourth post.

And, for my money - for what it’s worth - any blame in this goes way back to before the first case even occurred in China. Infectious Disease experts have been warning for YEARS that this was coming - that it was a certainty. Yet, American was completely unprepared.

PPE should have been stockpiled over the years to the point that there should have been kits with N95 masks, hand sanitizer and bleach available for every household in the country. As well - there should have been Plans A, B and C for what to do with the contagious, the dying and the dead - IN PLACE and tailored for the individual states.

That this Pandemic took the world and especially The United States - the most “powerful” country in the world - by surprise is tragically absurd.

But, that’s just my own opinion - as always.

To be absolutely FRANK about all this, and about who is to bear the blame and accountability in Covid-19 times, don't expect some politician to make right what we are unwilling to make right by our own sacrifice.
Everywhere now families are deciding if Covid-19 is too much of a risk to allow their loved ones to be in Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, SNFs, etc. Many are REMOVING them from care at great sacrifice to themselves.
That would NOT be my decision; I am afraid my limitations would preclude caring for my loved one at home. But my limitations are not Andrew Cuomo's fault.
But when someone wants to level blame on a political party in all this? Nonsense.
(this is a PANDEMIC) "What did YOU do for your loved one?" when you knew he or she was at risk?
It's my personal feeling that Joel is trying to avoid looking at his own actions. Guilt that we couldn't protect our loved ones and pain at their loss.
I would suggest he see a therapist to help him through his grieving process. But instead he continues to lash out at those not responsible for his wife's loss while she was in hospice and in care.
If someone wants to play the blame game that is all well and good, but for my money, the first buck stops with THEM. This is the third post on this nonsense so I am over pussyfooting around the facts now.
Cast your vote. Whomever wins? You can start blaming THEM on day one for everything that goes wrong in our world, because that seems now to be the American Way. We once knew how to build things. We would have had the whole world flooded with N95s by now. We once knew how to pull together in support. Now, for the most part we just want to blame and bicker. It's very sad.

You go Joel. Hold them accountable.

The Navy ship Comfort was sent to NYC for the purpose of providing space for NON-Covid patients. When it was obvious it needed to be re-purposed for Covid patients, Cuomo pitched the idea to the powers that be. Time was wasted getting approval and also getting the ship physically ready to handle this level of care. I'm a cynic but timing is everything and anything occurring during either convention week should be regarded with a "and now for the rest of the story" look at motivation. I know you think CNN and MSNBC are biases, and they are. But I hope you also can see that FOX is biased as well. I wouldn't want to be a governor or school superintendent these days.
My husband was subjected to Agent Orange as a young seaman in Vietnam. Years later, he developed health issues that were caused by this. Not only did this affect his quality of life in later years, ultimately it was responsible for us losing him 9 months ago. I did a lot of research and was quite angry at what was done to so many of our young men and women. And to the next generation, who have health problems because their parent was exposed. His government denied culpability for decades, finally accepting responsibility after lawsuits and such. I was bitter and angry. I realized I had to let go of the anger. They acted in the moment with the crisis at the time, as our leaders have been with this unprecedented crisis. Mistakes will be made, as we figure out the next step. I guess what I'm telling you, Joel, is life is precious. Try to find a way, whether thru religion or therapy, to try to let go of the anger. It just eats at you. You probably have kids and grandkids - focus on loving on them enough for you and your wife.

Oh, Goodie, another political rant from Joel.
My day was so boring until now.

And yes, Joel, may your wife rest in peace.
And may we all be saved from your political rants that cause only more division in an already so divided and reeling beloved nation.
May we all cast our votes in peace; and may we all live peacefully with the results.
Amen. Full stop.

Was your wife in a State-run home? My understanding is that this action by DOJ only applies to State run nursing homes. And only in States with Democratic goverors, although orders of this sort were seen in almost all states, due to lack of hospital capacity and shortages of tests and PPE.

The loved ones of nursing and assisted living patient that died of coronavirus need your support, To make these governor accountable for what they did. I won't rest until these governors are held responsible.

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