For those of you who have read about my frustration with MIL's finances. Today it was hubby's turn to take her out, and given my exchange with MIL yesterday, I warned him the topic of her finances might be raised. So, I gave him a written copy of my plan - the creation of a bill paying account that we would manage from about 3/4 of her monthly SS deposit, and then an account with the remainder of her funds that she could use for groceries and personal spending however she sees fit. I had described this plan to her yesterday, but was met with much resistance. As I anticipated, she did raise the topic with him, and so, her was equipped to respond. She accepted the plan. I think she is so tired of worrying and watching the checking account balance she was finally ready. I was a bit surprised she so readily accepted, but I think maybe its because we're not taking over absolutely everything, we're leaving her funds that only her eyes will see. She actually called me tonite, She sounded very chipper and happy. Me? I'm just relieved, although I have a lot of work to do now. We have to establish POA, set up the account, and then I have to see where she exactly is for the end of this month, and how much catch up needs to be done.... . if anyone can offer me advice feel free!

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