My mother has dementia and my brotherinlaw and sister are I believe stealing from my mother, I have had to beg to the guardianship board for funds for her medical care, there is money missing and they are secretive and furtive and not transparent. They have discredited me and treat me badly, iI am the only one helping her , they are the financial administrators and have changed the bank accounts to their names, there lifestyle is lavish and extravagant and I don't believe that they could afford this, they retired early and travel widely 20 to 30 trips per year and are involved in about 8 committees, I can get the proof of this lifestyle but it will take time and my mother is frail,

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1. What proof do you have? Gather it and go the local law enforcement department

2. How is the guardianship board involved? Is there a guardian, or is it your BIL and sister, since you write that they are the financial administrators? Or are they handling your mother's affairs pursuant to a DPOA?

3. If they're the guardians, and you have proof that they're stealing, contact the court that appointed them guardian(s) and ask for an investigation.

Please check in your area for a Legal Services for the Elderly. Many states have very strong laws about elder abuse/exploitation - you need to seek the guidance of an attorney who practices in elder law to see how to proceed.

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