My feelings are hurt because my mom gets in these moods and will not speak to me when I am caring for her.


i wonder why doctors do not check their hormones or depression , i have asked the doctor about her moods and she said it is her old age , i dont agree i think my mom is depressed and unhappy , my mother does not realize she just cant do what she used to, so i try to make her happy but she does not care for me , but she likes people who dont care about her ,and dont care for her , so do i let her go back to a bad situation of living but taking care of kids , she is 84 and very little and sick , it tears me up to see she dont want my help with nothing , i love her but she does not care for me , so what can i do to make her see she is being taken care and loved here , than to go where she is neglected and her money is taken from her , please help me for an answer , i have told the doctor to test her on her depression but she says nothing , my mom can be mean and then again she can be nice at times but mostly she dont want to be social with me , and i try to make conversation but ignores m

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Estee - Your feelings are obviously hurt; it sounds like you deserve better. Your mom might not feel needed at your house. You try to make her comfortable and do things so she can rest but she probably doesn't see it that way. It's hard to admit that you're old and that you can't do things anymore. If she's able to do something in her "other" home and if they let her do it without saying anything (even though it's not good for her) she thinks everything is fine. She probably resents your concern because she feels you believe she's old and too feeble. For your own sake and sanity, perhaps you just have to accept that she'll live elsewhere and that she is at risk for illness or injury. Next time she needs some rehabilitation, perhaps it's best that she go to a nursing home instead of your home. Money should not be an issue, there is medicaide and medicare to pay for it. Let her see what it's like NOT to stay with caring family and she'll be singing a different tune! Best of luck to you . Your mom is lucky to have caring kids, even though she might take it for granted.

i am so sorry for your heart ache- where did she used to live- you know my moms doc sent her to see a psychiatrist- and he prescribed her prozac- she also takes aricept, and then i suggested valium for the mormnings ( she doesnt do too good- have to do like 50 First Dates- and tell her who i am) and i give it to her in the evening if she starts to get anxious- 2mg. she did not need any this morning! she is 79- diagnosed with alz/dementia- cannot have conversation - but sometimes spits out a sentence or couple of words and makes us laugh- does ur mom sleep alot- my mom was sleeping till 5pm at my brothers- she tries to sleep till 2 here but i have learned that when she goes to the bathroom between 11 and 12. I just take her be the elbow and say how bout some breakfast and coffee- she usually says yes- good luck with the doc. suggest psychiatrist for the anti depressants