Am a little tired, sad and frustrated. Had to put my mom in the hospital yesterday after being up with her very sick for the past couple days. She has atrial fibrillation, a uti and cellulitus. It was not fun at all seeing her so miserable and keep beating myself up or feeling like there was something I should have been able to do. Then woke up to my poor dad on his bedroom floor and this is the 2nd time he has fallen in two weeks and have been having to take xanax lately. Feel like crying and kind of aggrivated with my so called "friends" and never hear from them. Am trying not to take my frustration about my folks and being in physical pain out on anybody. Trying not to be a crybaby or hold it in. Does anyone else ever feel like this?

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I think we all have those days as caregivers. It's not an easy task to take care of a parent and see them go down hill slowly. Friends, what is a friend? We have not seen a sole not even a family member in a year. My mom goes bonkers if any one comes in the house, especially kids. She can't stand having people around her except her nurse and cna and my husband and myself. She tells people to go away and leave she doesn't want them here and to "shutup". It's so embarassing. If it wasn't for my computer I would have noone to talk with at any time. So yes, go ahead and get your frustrations out , find something that you enjoy doing that if you have to DROP it you can go back and finish. Hugs

I definitely feel u on that especially when my 7 yr old overreacts when her daddy has a funny nap and then finding out my circle of friends is limited to the television and the net....sometimes I want to scream...just take some time to do something for urself...soak..have a drink ....have a good cry or talk to ur therapist...ur way overwhelmed and need a huge break...

Yep..... on those days, it seems everything that happens is larger than I can deal with, I take it personal... keep my mouth shut but want to rip someone to shreds.... I want to cry, and that makes me even madder... I know I am too tired to be reasonable about anything..... so for me, I journal... don't even want to talk to freinds then, don't want to hear what they have to say....I wouldn't believe them anyway... so I keep a journal on my computer... and I write it all down... ALL of it.... I don't edit, I don't care about spelling, or if I sound hateful and rude, or full of self pity or anything... I just tpye away until I feel myself starting to breathe again.... that way it doesn't splash on someone else....I don't have to go back and make ammends.... and I get rid of it..... hope you find something that works for you.....sending you hugs across the miles..
That's not to say I haven't blown up anyway.... we all get to have those times too... I am human first....all the labels come after that....

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